The Web is becoming more and more social – nowadays, almost every site has a "Recommend to a friend", "+1" and "I like" buttons. People listen to the advice of their friends, so this is an excellent way to spread the word about your proposal



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Effortlessly boost the number of visitors,
subscribers, affiliates, and sales!
People WILL want to talk about your site!
New Social Marketing Tool will increase traffic to any website and blog

Regular "Tell a friend" scripts can only send simple recommendations to people. PowerInviter represents a new generation of "Tell a friend" programs with many additional "PRO" features and viral marketing principles: an extremely easy way to convey a message and get a reward for the action
Without interesting rewards, only a few visitors will feel the urge to tell about your site, so PowerInviter creates motivation: people will get gifts for their recommendations! It is precisely this fact that explains the MULTIPLE EFFECTIVENESS of PowerInviter as compared with other "Tell a friend" solutions

Site owners and bloggers Maillist owners and authors Sellers Affiliated marketers
Want to invigorate your blog or a forum?
Let readers tell about your interesting post!

Place the "Tell a Friend" button into each post and the visitors themselves will recommend your blog to their friends!

Provide access to the private sections of the blog as a reward for the recommendation
Use the recommendations at the end of each maillist issue and increase the number of subscribers

Give a few chapters from your book or a course for the recommendation

Tell about your book or give the download link directly in the "Tell a friend" message, and, in an incredibly brief time, it will fly around the Web!
Increase sales by offering discounts and coupons for a recommendation of goods. Discount coupons are sent automatically!

Enable the customers to recommend you if they are satisfied with your products or services

Create promotions like "Discounts for your friends"
Use recommendations on affiliated sites and get more sales!

The benefit to a seller: You get hundreds of new visitors from affiliated sites

The benefit for the affiliate: Thousands of people will receive recommendations with your Affiliate ID. Promote products with your affiliate links directly in "Tell a friend" emails!

Get new traffic completely free, while others pay for it!

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Just publish a "Recommend" button Tell a Friend Example – and visitors will be inviting their friends to your website.
The average effectiveness of the recommendations emails is up to 60%; such a result is impossible using any other kind of advertising.
Sending of recommendations and bonus emails are fully automated, so you really have nothing else to do!

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